Custom foam inserts for protective cases

Whether you're in search of a high-spec case or a budget-friendly option, we've got you covered. Paired with custom foam fittings, our cases provide optimal protection and security for your equipment. Our products are renowned for their quality and durability; you can trust that our professional-standard cases will meet all of your needs.

A yellow Peli protector case with a custom foam insert inside, a grey custom foam insert sat on top of the case and a blue custom foam insert to the side.

Peli™ cases

A protective case from Peli™ fitted with a custom foam insert is the way to go if you require the absolute best protection.

Max cases

Paired with industrial packing foam, Max cases make a great low-cost but durable option for safeguarding equipment.


EXOCase™ cases are a great alternative to traditional flight cases. They can be custom-built to suit almost any requirement.


Highly customisable Peli™ -Hardigg cases are perfect for transporting high-value goods and sensitive equipment.

Peli™ Protector cases

Designed to protect your equipment from the elements, Peli™ Protector cases are watertight and solid. Pair these with engineered foam inserts to ensure especially fragile items remain intact. Every case in the Peli™  range comes with the Peli™ Lifetime Guarantee.

Most cases in the Protector range feature:

  • Super tough, crushproof protection
  • IP67 Rating (waterproof and dustproof)
  • Automatic pressure release valve
An open black Peli case with blue custom foam inserts in the lid and base.
Black Peli Storm case with purple custom foam insert and lift out tray.

Peli™ Storm cases

The Peli Storm Case range is not only extremely hard-wearing and waterproof, it is designed to be lightweight and easy to carry. These cases have latches that automatically lock and are known for their reliability.

All cases in the Storm range feature:

  • Press & Pull latches
  • Double-layer, soft-grip handles
  • Vortex® pressure release valve

Peli™ Air cases

Another lightweight range, Peli Air cases have reduced weight but remain rigid and hard-wearing. Available in a variety of sizes, all Peli Air cases can be customised with industrial packing foam to create bespoke protection for your equipment.

All cases in the Air range feature:

  • Super-light proprietary HPX2 polymer
  • Watertight o-ring gasket
  • Poly-carbonate card holder
An orange 1615 Peli Air case.

Download Peli case specs

Waterproof, rugged Max cases for custom foam

Our range of Max waterproof cases are rugged and durable, and make a great pairing with custom foam inserts for a low-cost and protective method of storing valuable equipment. Our engineered foam inserts are ideal for helping to protect any number of items, and our Max cases help to ensure optimum protection. Each Max case we provide comes in a range of sizes and has a number of common features that can all be fitted with our bespoke laser cut foam

A black Max 620-S case
  • Waterproof - The o-ring seal keeps water out of the case, even when fully submerged.
  • Dustproof - Small solids such as dust which can damage sensitive equipment will be kept out, too.
  • Easy-open latches - Double-step latches are secure, but easy to open at the sametime.
  • Auto pressure release valve - Maintains the interior air pressure to prevent vacuum-lock,even through changing altitudes.
  • Durable Design - The injection-moulded plastic creates tough, durable casesfor tough environments.
  • Flex Handles - Flexible handles are comfortable and convenient to carry. These cases are also lightweight.
A black Max case with a custom decal by MSA Foams.

Max grip cases

The Max grips are small, handy black cases with an IP67 rating, ensuring their ability to resist dust and water, making them ideal for travel, outdoor adventures, or everyday use.

A black Max grip case with its lid open and no contents inside.

Download Max case specs

A black EXOCase™ with the lid open revealing a custom foam letter box lid insert featuring a laser engraved MSA Foams logo, as well as a black custom foam base insert with red foam pockets cut to the shape of tools.

EXOCase™ cases

EXOCases™ are British-made protective cases designed with a unique exo-skeletal design to provide maximum protection for high value instrumentation and sensitive equipment during storage and transportation. Custom foam inserts ensure that the contents are held securely in place and prevent damage during transit.

EXOCases™ are a great alternative to traditional flight cases and rotationally molded cases. They combine the dimensional flexibility of a fabricated case with the durability of a rotationally molded transit case. Additionally, they are waterproof, dustproof, and can be adapted to suit any requirement, including sizes, panel material, colors, and foam inserts. The interchangeable components of the cases also make them easy to repair.

A yellow EXOCase from MSA Foams.
  • Replaceable PU Corners & Outer ABS extrusions
  • Neoprene bead seal between lid & base
  • Aluminium internal box section extrusion for additional strength & lightness
  • CNC machined foam inserts
  • Internal stainless bracing for strength & corrosion resistance
  • A range of fittings to suit the application
  • Unique double brace system increase strength of corners by 6x
  • Customisable with laser cut foam fittings
  • Interchangeable components

Peli™-Hardigg transport cases

The Peli™-Hardigg range of  includes rack mount, single lid and ISP (inter-stacking pattern) cases. They are the perfect option when it comes to transporting high-value goods. Manufactured from high-impact polyethylene, these cases are waterproof, with recessed handles and integrated stacking ribs, and are made even more durable with laser cut foam inserts.

Through specialist foam engineering, cases with industrial packing foam are adaptable for any situation. Our custom foam inserts are the ultimate fit for Peli™-Hardigg Transport cases.

Peli case designed for military equipment. NSN number 8140-99-863-2042

Peli™-Hardigg case features

Peli™-Hardigg cases come with several key features that separate them from our other cases. When customised with foam case inserts they become even more adaptable, and can provide bespoke protection for a variety of items.

  • Anti-Shear locks
    Moulded, interlocking blocks are matched around the rim ofthe case. When the case takes an impact, the lid stays aligned to the base.
  • Tougher corners
    Resin powder is loaded into a mould attached to a biaxial arm. 15%-20% more resin accumulates in the corners and edges, resulting in more material (and therefore more strength) in the corners.
  • Watertight tongue and groove seal
    Keep your gear dry and dust-free in the harshest environments with the help of a watertight tongue and groove seal.
  • Customisation
    One of the main advantages of choosing Peli-Hardigg cases is the high degree of customisation on offer. The cases can be updated to meet your needs. Including wheels, handles, latches, document holders and more.

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