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Our experience spans over a vast range of sectors – use the links below to see some examples of projects in a given sector. That said, we have the team and facilities to meet the needs of projects in any area, regardless of industry. Take a look at how our services can benefit your business.

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Custom foam inserts used in Aerospace

Custom foam inserts play a vital role in the aerospace industry, providing specialised protection and organisation for sensitive equipment and components such as engine parts, seat parts and vehicle parts, for example. They ensure that components are shielded from impact, vibration, and shocks during transportation and operation.

These inserts also contribute to efficient tool control by keeping maintenance tools readily accessible.

When it comes to travel, they securely hold equipment in flight cases, offering peace of mind during transit. Additionally, they provide essential protection and provide effective air freight shipping, flame retardant and static control foam solutions. MSA Foams are a specialist converter of Zotefoams Plc, a world leading foam manufacturer, and provide extensive technical backup for all of the Zotefoams range.

The aerospace sector often demands a foam design with thoughtful organisation of wiring and cables, simplifying maintenance and troubleshooting. Furthermore, they offer secure protection for safety equipment such as helmets and goggles.

Overall, custom foam inserts are instrumental in enhancing safety, organisation, and efficiency in the aerospace industry, guaranteeing the proper care and handling of critical equipment and components.

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Custom foam inserts used in the Automotive industry

Custom foam inserts are widely used in the automotive industry to protect components during transportation, assembly, and storage. They provide cushioning for delicate parts like electronics and sensors, preventing damage from impacts and vibrations. Foam inserts also help organise tools and keep them easily accessible.

During shipping, foam inserts safeguard automotive parts from rough handling and vibrations, in much the same way as aerospace.

The Automotive Supply Chain often requires returnable packaging that is returned to the supplier after use on the assembly line. Typically stillages and containers are used for this process, but custom foam inserts can protect the components as well as enhancing the ease of delivery of components to the assembly line. The durability and non-abrasive qualities of Zotefoam materials means these products last for multiple supply chain cycles.

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Bespoke foam protection for Broadcast equipment

Custom foam inserts play a vital role in the broadcasting industry, providing tailored solutions for equipment protection and organisation. They are often paired with a protective case to securely hold all manners of broadcast equipment including:

  • Cameras, lenses and photography kit
  • Communication equipment
  • Broadcast station kits
  • IT equipment including monitors, PCs and servers
  • Microphones, mixers and other audio gear

Custom foam inserts made for broadcast ensure the safety of delicate equipment during transportation and storage. These inserts also help with cable management, keeping cables organised and minimising the risk of tangles. In addition, they are employed to safely store and transport  shielding them from impacts and vibrations. Custom foam inserts contribute to the overall efficiency and smooth operation of broadcasting setups by ensuring equipment is protected and organised in a reliable and convenient manner.

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MOD approved foam inserts for the Defence sector

We are able to provide a custom foam inserts service that is ISO recognised and MOD approved, and our skilled team has substantial expertise in assistance with the provision of Military Level Packaging.

Custom foam inserts are essential in the defence sector, providing specialised solutions for equipment protection and organisation. They securely store weapons, ammunition, optics and weapon systems, ensuring safe transport and quick deployment.

These inserts also protect communication equipment, UAVs, and drones, safeguarding functionality and facilitating efficient deployment. Additionally, they organise and protect military gear, such as night vision goggles and body armor, ensuring easy access in the field. Custom foam inserts also secure vital equipment in military vehicles, maintaining integrity during operations.

By utilising custom foam inserts, the defence sector enhances equipment protection and organisation, contributing to operational effectiveness and success.

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Custom cut foam for the Energy and Renewables industry

Custom foam inserts are invaluable in the energy and renewables sector, offering specialised solutions for equipment protection and organisation for maintenance kits and tool kits.

They securely store and protect essential equipment, ensuring its safe transportation and optimal functionality. These inserts are particularly beneficial for sensitive components used in renewable energy generation, such as replacement parts, turbine delta modules and wind turbine parts.

These custom foam inserts contribute to improved equipment safety, organisation, and operational efficiency in the energy and renewables industry. They play a vital role in supporting the adoption and progress of sustainable energy technologies.

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Custom foam solutions for Engineering use

By harnessing the benefits of custom foam inserts, the engineering sector optimises equipment safety, enhances organisational efficiency, and promotes seamless project execution.

Custom foam inserts provide secure storage and protection for a diverse range of equipment, including delicate tools, sensitive test equipment, electronics, industrial machinery parts, and precision laboratory instruments. With custom foam inserts, engineers can confidently transport, store, and operate their valuable assets, ensuring their integrity throughout the engineering process.

The efficient utilisation of custom foam inserts empowers engineers to streamline operations, increase productivity, and deliver exceptional results.

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Customised display cases and foam for Marketing

Custom foam inserts play a significant role in the marketing industry, offering tailored solutions for product display and promotion. One of their key applications is within display cases. Availabable in a range of colours, they provide a visually appealing and protective presentation for products. These inserts are designed to securely cradle and showcase items, such as electronics, cosmetics, jewellery, or luxury goods, creating an enticing visual impact.

Custom foam inserts can be precisely tailored to fit the unique shape and size of each product, ensuring a snug and secure fit. They not only protect items from damage during transportation and storage but also enhance their presentation value. With foam inserts, marketers can create captivating displays that highlight the key features and qualities of their products.

Custom foam inserts in marketing display cases can effectively enhance the perceived value of a business' products, create a memorable visual experience for customers, and drive engagement and sales. Custom foam inserts provide a professional and polished appearance, ensuring that each product is showcased to its full potential.

Need a custom designed case for your product? We can take your specifications and brand logo to create presentation cases that not only look good, but protect the product inside.

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