Your guide to foam inserts for the broadcasting industry

Andy Webb
June 15, 2023

Almost all essential equipment in the broadcast industry is both expensive and fragile. With that in mind, it’s important for anyone in the industry to make sure that their equipment is well looked after, as damaged hardware can mean big bills, and setbacks in production.

The best option to protect your valuables is to invest in custom foam inserts in hard-wearing cases, to provide bespoke protection. Find out more below on why foam is the best choice to look after your equipment, and how MSA can help.

What equipment needs protecting?


Cameras, probably the most important piece of equipment, need protecting the most. They will need to be transported carefully, and stored in customised protective packaging. Using remote product scanning, we can create tailor-made foam inserts to fit any size and type of camera, which speeds up the process and efficiency of creating the foam. With a range of different protective foam inserts, you can be assured your camera equipment will remain unscathed.


Microphones are also very important, and any damage to these could affect the soundwork and ruin the production. Transporting any equipment requires some element of protection, and our foam inserts can be tailored to microphones or other sound equipment to ensure they arrive on set securely.


We can create foam inserts that fit multiple electronic items, which can help to reduce the amount of equipment you need to transport, and will allow for a more efficient set up and pack away.

Why should you use foam?

Foam is usually the go to choice when storing valuable items, as it can be tailored to fit any sized piece of film making equipment from all sides. Foam can help reduce the impact on items, allowing for safe transportation, no matter the location. Some more benefits of using foam are:

  • Durable, helping to protect equipment from impact
  • Can be custom made to cover any item on all sides
  • Flexible, to suit style of equipment
  • Can be engraved or branded to reflect company branding
  • Digitally scanned to specifically fit products

Types of cases we offer

MSA offers the standard single skinned cases, EXO and MAX cases and the sought after Peli™ case, allowing you to protect your equipment against a wide range of locations, conditions, and weather. Peli cases are waterproof and rigid, assuring the utmost and optimum protection of your items. It is best to assess which case suits your specific requirements, to guarantee the best protection.

Filming on location

Filming on location can be unpredictable, as a number of factors can affect the efficiency of production, such as weather, filming opportunities, and sound pollution. Depending on the location, your valuable items may be more prone to damage or breaking, like when filming in harsh weather, rocky terrain or in vehicles. Our custom foam absorbs any impact and cushions the items inside, leaving them unscathed.

Custom foam inserts

MSA are proud to create a variety of custom foam inserts you can use to transport and store your valuable studio equipment. We can create custom made foam inserts suitable specifically for the broadcast and film industry.

We have a large range of custom foam and foam inserts for cases to suit all your film equipment, from cameras to microphones. We can create custom foam to suit your own personal preference, with laser engraving, decals and screen printing to allow you to add your own branding. Get in touch with a member of our team, to see what we can do for you.