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Red Bull Racing Custom Cases – From Track to Showcase with MSA Foams

Steve Chandler
March 4, 2024

MSA Foams Ltd collaborated with branding designers Whiteroom to create a captivating presentation solution for New Era's limited edition Red Bull Racing baseball caps.

The Power of Custom Foam and Branding

Limited edition merchandise deserves a presentation that matches its exclusivity. This is precisely what we achieved for New Era's Red Bull Racing baseball caps as a leading provider of custom foam inserts and branding solutions.

Working under Whiteroom's creative direction, MSA Foams transformed the Peli 1500 case into a custom-branded masterpiece. Utilising our high-quality digital printing technology, we used Whiteroom’s eye-catching red and blue graphics on the outside of the case, paired with sleek and durable custom foam inserts in the lid and base.

A Peli 1500 case open with eye-catching blue and red Red Bull branded graphics.

Precision Protection with MSA Custom Foam

MSA Foams' expertise in custom foam inserts played a crucial role in this project. Our team meticulously engineered a tailor-made foam insert that cradled each New Era cap with precision, ensuring optimal protection during transport, storage, and display. We layered striking red foam underneath a black topper for the pocket cut-out to create visually stunning display that further amplified the brand identity of Red Bull Racing.

A Peli 1500 case open with black and red custom foam inserts created by MSA Foams for Red Bull Racing and New Era.

Benefits of Customised Cases

Custom cases offer a multitude of advantages, including:

  • Enhanced Brand Image: Elevate your brand perception with a professional and visually appealing presentation.
  • Superior Protection: Safeguard your products during transport, storage, and display.
  • Increased Functionality: Tailor the case to perfectly fit your specific product needs.

MSA Foams: Crafting a Brand Experience

This collaborative effort showcased the power of combiningcustom branding and custom foam inserts. The result? A presentation solution that not only protected the limited-edition New Era caps, but also made the brand image centre stage, leaving a lasting impression.

A Peli 1500 case open with black and red custom foam inserts created by MSA Foams for Red Bull Racing and New Era. A new Era cap sits in the base insert.

Ready to Create Your Custom Case?

MSA Foams offers a comprehensive range of custom foam insertand branding solutions to meet the specific needs of your brand or product. Contact us today to explore how we can help you create a truly unique and impactful presentation solution.

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