Shipping Guide: The Right Method & Custom Foam Inserts

Steve Chandler
October 26, 2023

When it comes to shipping your products, whether you run a small business or a large corporation, selecting the right delivery method is crucial. With a range of options available, it can be challenging to determine the best solution for your specific needs. At MSA Foams, we understand the importance of cost, speed, and convenience in shipping, but above all, we prioritise the safe arrival of your items.

There are three primary shipping methods, each with its own potential challenges when it comes to ensuring the security of your products. MSA specialises in adapting to any shipping method you choose, offering custom foam inserts that guarantee the safe delivery of your items to their destination.

Air Shipping

For international shipping, air transportation is often the fastest option. With planes crossing borders and significantly shorter travel times compared to other modes, air travel is ideal for businesses that require speedy delivery. However, it's worth noting that weight restrictions and limited space on aeroplanes can impact costs, particularly for large or heavy products. If your business deals with smaller items that need to travel long distances quickly, shipping by air is advantageous.

MSA is well-equipped to handle air shipments, boasting extensive experience in the aerospace industry. Our custom case inserts provide optimal protection for your products during air transportation, ensuring they reach their destination intact.

Land Shipping

Shipping by land is generally considered a safer option than air or sea. Delivery by car or train is more cost-effective than air travel and faster than shipping by sea. Businesses located in landlocked areas or those shipping goods within a single country often rely on land transportation. In such cases, you may consider using courier services or exploring other land-based options.

Despite its reputation for safety, land shipping still poses risks, especially for valuable or fragile items. By leveraging MSA's packaging and protection services, you can ensure the secure delivery of your goods. Our foam cutting services allow us to create tailor-made shipping solutions that perfectly fit your items, incorporating your branding elements such as logos or imagery.

Sea Shipping

Sea freight is renowned for being one of the most cost-effective methods of shipping goods globally, although it does come with longer transit times. Cargo ships are slower and must dock at ports, leading to potential delays. Sea shipping is suitable for businesses that handle non-valuable items or prioritise cost over speed. It is particularly advantageous for businesses shipping large quantities, as merchant ships have fewer restrictions on weight and size.

Tailor-Made Shipping Solutions

Choosing the best shipping method depends on your company's specific requirements. No matter which method you opt for, MSA can provide customised solutions to meet your delivery needs. With expertise spanning various sectors such as engineering, broadcast, energy, and renewables, our team excels at creating bespoke protection for your equipment.

Contact our team today to discover how we can assist you with your shipping needs. Secure and reliable delivery is our priority, and our custom foam inserts will ensure your products reach their destination in perfect condition.